How To Hack Website Cpanel Hacking Cracking Tutorial

Today we will Learn CPANEL cracking or Hacking  i.e gaining password for port no 2082 on website first of all we need a cpanel cracking shell on the server because we are going to crack those websites cpanels which are hosted on the shelled server. 
so lets start i am using cpanel.php 

shell for cracking :) we need two things in cracking first one is usernames of the websites that are hosted on the server second is a good password dictonery  
 in first step :-
grab the usernames of the websites using command ls /var/mail
or use the "Grab the usernames from /etc/passwd" option in the shell
press the go button
we have done from our side
lets wait and watch ,if we have supplied good passwords then shell will show a message
" [~]# cracking success with username "xyz" with password "xyz" "
otherwise it will show
"[~] Please put some good passwords to crack username "xyz" :( "

  so chances of success depends on password list that we are using in cracking process 
Credits To lolz